Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Catch up-a-thon.

I'm hanging my head in shame at the lack of blogging of late.  Soz like!  I still love you and all your bloggy tales.  I love blogging too - time just seems to run away with me some times and before I know it I haven't bogged in eleventy twelve months!

So - what's been going on here at Peapods then?   Hmm.  Well much wedding planning has been going on for a start but as most things are booked now they can be left to their own devices for a while.  We don't marry until October 17 so there's plenty of time. Bridezilla I am not!

Darling aged parent had a fall on Good (Bad) Friday and broke her ankle in two places.  Sigh.  Just does it for attention I reckon.  Needless to say there was a pulling together of our little family and together we got her through it.  She's still stiff and sore but almost mended.  She's been wrapped in bubble wrap for the foreseeable future.

The Coop Clan are still producing prolifically.  We've had them for about 9 months now.  We have two broodies (both bantams) at the moment so we have to make sure we boot them up the bum to vacate the coop for a while so they can get food and water.  Bless em.  The Mille Fiore is crossed with a pterodactyl I'm sure of it. The noises she makes are not of this planet - and she makes a heck of a lot of noise for a little un!!

We're re-doing the garden.  The dog tramples everything in the ground and we've decided that the way forward is container planting.  Man has been tasked with making many wooden planters from old pallets and we're painting them in different colours to brighten up the place.  The first one is in place and Gerald has been installed to keep an eye on proceedings.

There's another in the front garden - together with a guard dog (pah!!) and some dying weeds!

Hooligan Hound's attempt to look angelic.  There was food involved in the making of this picture.  Shocked aren't you?!

Man and I had a couple of days in Stratford last week and very nice it was too.  The weather was amazing and we managed to have a little trip down river and to see Anne Hathaway's cottage.  We shall draw a veil over going on a pub crawl on empty stomachs during the afternoon!  Thank goodness for Wetherspoons cheap pub grub that's what I say!! 

Here's a few pics.  None of us being worse for wear mind you.  Just as well really.  

Someone took this duck apart and didn't put him back together right! 

Ahh - that's better!!!

Don't quite know what to say about this Midsummer Night's Dream sculpture really.  So I won't say anything.  Snigger.  

Ah this is better - a bit of decorum!!  Beautiful quotation and very fitting for such a beautiful day.  

Pretty blossoms

Arty shot of the Cottage.  I am a photography-genius.  What?!

Falstaff's belly.   As you do.  

Picture postcard prettyfullness!

The gardens were gorgeous - Full of blooming tulips 

A woodland walk - volunteers had been stripping out some of the undergrowth. 

Squirrel posing squirrelfully

And I'll leave you with this sculpture.  Cos... well.... it's art innit?

*Drops Mic.   Walks out of blog*

See you soon!! 


  1. Love the duck comment...now you've said it I can't unsee it!

  2. Ooo I've been there! It was peeing it down though so didn't go on the river! :-) good to see a post!


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